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Debt Settlement - Why You Need a Debt Attorney?

Are you facing more debt than you can handle? Are your debts increasing every month due to late fees and higher percentages? Are creditors or bill collectors harassing you – or worse, calling people you know? Are your wages being garnished, or your bank accounts being levied or attached? Are you looking for a realistic way to settle debt?

There are many reasons that can cause even the most financially responsible person among us to get into overwhelming debt, including loss of a job or a salary reduction, divorce or medical bills. If you are one of the many Americans struggling with ever-increasing bills, or worse, collection letters, despite your best efforts to pay your debts, you might be considering filing for protection under the federal bankruptcy laws. While most people are aware of bankruptcy and the stigma attached to it, fewer are aware that there is an alternative form of debt relief: debt settlement.

How Debt Settlement Works

Debt settlement is a legal process of debt reduction in which the creditor and debtor agree on a reduced balance that, once settled, will be regarded as payment in full.

When a debtor is unable to make the minimum monthly payments on an unsecured debt such as credit card debt or medical bills, balances continue to grow due to ongoing interest and late fees. In order to stop this cycle of ever-increasing debt, negotiations between the debtor and the creditor can result in a reduced balance that the debtor can realistically pay off with regular payments.

Debt settlements can lower consumers debt balances dramatically and save debtors from the stigma of bankruptcy. The creditor, who risks losing all monies owed if bankruptcy is filed, still regains a large part of the debt.

Settling Debt can truly be a winning solution all around by avoiding bankruptcy, stopping creditor harassment, satisfying your debts and saving money!

How Our Debt Settlement Attorney Can Help You Settle Debt

Getting in touch with Attorneys For Consumers well versed in the debt and credit industry can be your first step towards settling debts. Knowledgeable and skilled debt settlement attorneys are qualified to review your case and determine with you which debt-relief option is right for you.

Once you retain the services of a Debt Settlement Lawyer, any short-term financial emergencies you may have can be immediately addressed. After that, a long-term plan can be made to resolve your situation. Our debt help attorney will assist you every step of the way, from your initial debt negotiations to fulfilling your payment plan.

Reduce your stress by letting Debt Help Lawyers handle debt negotiations with your creditors for you. If creditors harass you or become abusive, Attorneys For Consumers will enforce the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to ensure your rights.

With the help of professionals with years of experience in the debt and credit industry, you can start paying off your debt with a realistic plan that you can handle.

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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement